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DOGS OF Krasny Bor Hunting Estate

  • Hunting in a company of a four-legged partner can’t be even compared with hunting alone from the viewpoint of emotional intensity and profit.  A well-trained and obedient dog is a real hunting tool no less important than a gun.

     Guest of our hunting estate could hunt with dogs of the following breed groups:



    The role of this dog when hunting is important: search of wounded bird or animal following its drops of blood – so-called “trail of blood”. Bloodhound, or otherwise – hound following a trail of blood – this is, perhaps, the main working dog of our estate.

    Hoofed mammals are the main objects of hunting with bloodhounds.

    Breeds: Bavarian Mountain Hounds, Hanoverian Hounds, Austrian Hounds. Also Smooth Fox Terriers follow the trail of blood in Krasny Bor Hunting Estate.

    Seasonality: all seasons. 

    Pointing dogs


    The role of this dog when hunting is to find a hiding bird helped by the upper power of scent and make a dead-set – that is to stop suddenly and point by its look the direction, where you should wait for the bird’s take-off. Then on a signal of the hunter the dog should alarm the bird and after the shot it should bring it.

    Moorfowl, field game, common woodcock at rock fragments scattered around on the surface, showing the presence of bedrock are the main objects of hunting with pointing dogs.

    Breeds: Hungarian Vizslas, German Wirehaired pointers, German Shorthaired pointers, English setters.

    Seasonality: summer-autumn hunting season.

    Race dogs


    The role of these dogs when hunting is to find a fresh trail of the beast and then pursue it for a long time and relentlessly. Hares (blue hares and brown hares), red foxes are the main objects of hunting with race dogs.

    Breeds: Russian hounds, Russian Spotted Hounds.

    Seasonality: autumn-winter hunting period.

    In our estate, there is also the possibility of hunting for those guests who come to us with their dogs. Comfortable open-air cages, with shelters from wind and bad weather will always lodge your pets.


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