“An exceptional organization!” – such epithet to the past holiday was heard from the journalists who worked at the venue, from the participants and from the spectators who came to the hunting entity Krasny Bor Resort just to have fun.

The question is about the holiday “Krasny Bor is 20 years old”, that recently took place in the similarly-named hunting entity.

Sports events were the main components of the whole action. 







    Athletes – representatives of various organizations, societies and companies, in varying degrees related to hunting competed in so-called hunting combined events. As for the prizes provided by the hunting estate Krasny Bor, so even the most notorious cynic and dull beggar could not say: “nickel-and-dime”. See for yourself: for the first three places in team event these prizes were promised: car Renault Duster, four-wheeler-CUV and sport bike. So it was really worth to make efforts and to try a fall and judging by very concentrated faces, they approached the competitions with all attention and seriousness.

So, one team consisted of three persons, who competed with their rivals in these events:

— running;

— riding a bike-off-road vehicle;

— rowing;

— shotgun shooting and shooting sports;

— tug-of-war.










    Control on the track was amazing, there were no options at all to dodge. Start, finish and passing of the distance were controlled by an electronic system equipped with scanners in control points, and each contestant carried an electronic chip that should be activated at these points.

For more “extreme” or for the athlete did not feel the distance as though a nice and pleasant promenade, the organizers of the competition put this chip into a backpack, and the chip itself weighed 10 kilograms.

There was also a contest of deer lure professionals, it was held in parallel with the main sporting events, 19 experts of horns and roar competed in three events. The recognized expert of the lure and the winner of many lure competitions, the head of tourism, management of natural resources and game management department of the Belarusian State Technological University Mr. Aliaksandr Kazarez demonstrated to the whole the version of sample “call” before each event.  

The events lasted all the day.  This is understood and clear, if we multiply the number of competitive events by 32 – so many teams took part in the contestant.

The organizers correctly planned the time not only for the participants of the contention, but also for the spectators – by noon they were quite numerous.

The spectators could listen to and watch master classes in various events and activities and even take part in winner award decision.

For example, as a part of the holiday, there was organized a competition of cooking of traditional Belarusian hunting dish – shurpa. Here the spectators were as a jury – they had to taste all variants of the dish, but select only one the best – the voting was blind. 



















 Also the spectators could shoot in bow and crossbow shooting range, but it was the only one thing when the holiday I didn’t like.  The shooting range was not protected by barrier tapes from the flanks, the shooting was performed from a close distance by miniature targets.

Performing the representatives of the falconry club from St. Petersburg was really impressive.

The guys told a lot of interesting things about the fosterling birds, and then they showed the virtuosic work of falcons – peregrine falcon and hybrid falcon.  

Republican Civil and Public Association Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen organized as part of the holiday the demonstration of hunting dogs.

The chief expert on cynological work of Republican Civil and Public Association Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Tatsiana Chumakina told about all groups of breeds used when hunting in Belarus, and specially invited owners of these dogs have demonstrated their pets to the spectators.

It’s worth recalling as one of the most successful master classes the mini-lecture of the huntsman of the hunting estate Krasny Bor Mr. Ihar Bashkirau with demonstration of his proper skills and experience.

He interestingly told about the method of lure and wolf capture, about alluring of elk and roe deer, and about the working practices with the bird call when geese and ducks hunting.

The organizers paid a great attention to the entertainment of children. Animators, life-size puppets, trampolines, various entertaining shooting galleries – a huge part of the field where the main part of the holiday was held, was given to children’s games. The organizers did not conceal one of their ideas: to entertain the young spawns to the maximum degree, so they could give their parents the possibility to rest calmly.

But it is only part of the story. The most famous in the Belarus specialist of children’s tourism, Mr. Yuri Akudovich, took the first shot to lead the children along the tourist trail of Krasny Bor Resort.

The walking holiday lasted about 3 hours and in total the children passed about 3 kilometers with only one long halt. Even those who are small eaters on at home, here they ate with great relish the stone soup, that was miraculously composed of buckwheat groats with tinned meat, and then they ate the lard toasted on the fire.

Undoubtedly, the children’s tourist trips for short distances could become “schtick” of Krasny Bor Resort.

The winners of the hunting tournament in the team event were as follows:

1st place – team of Krasny Bor, scored 191 points;

2nd place – team of the Institution Viciebsk region Structural Organization Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen, scored 170 points;

3rd place – team “Adrenalin”, scored 151,5 points.

The organizers of the event took a noble decision – not to award the first prize – the car – to the team of Krasny Bor, because in this case it would be kept where it stood. It was resolved to displace the prizes next lower order, that’s why Renault Daster went to Viciebsk, the “quad” went to “Adrenalin”, and the motor-bicycle went to “Bobryata”.

When leaving, tired participants and mellowed guests said that they would eagerly await the next anniversary of the hunting estate Krasny Bor






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