The lake Belaye-Yukhauskoye with the area of 301 hectares is situated 3 km from the village of Lisna. It is rightfully considered one pearl of Rasony region. It is under the protection of the hunting entity.

There are no villages, no cottages, no large recreation centers on its hilly banks, overgrown with pine forest and bushes, and you can stay a hand to hand with nature in this untouched corner of Belarusian nature. And to make the staying comfortable, by the efforts of the hunting estate Krasny Bor the free staging posts are equipped: summerhouses, WC, bonfire sites, wood-fired grills; firewood is provided.

The lake is shallow enough – its maximum depth is just over 7 m. Thanks to this, there are good possibilities to swim. The sandy bottom near the bank gives way to the silt and reserves of bottom ooze – valuable natural fertilizer.

In the lake there are these species of fish: redeye, roach, ench, bream, perch, pickerel and other species. Their abundance is so high that the commercial catch takes place.

A rare plant – Dortman lobelia, that is under protection of the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus (the 1category of protection), grows on the banks of the lake. And water is rich in silver ions.

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