Area: is about 1601,9 hectares

Length: is about 7,8 km

Extreme width: is about 3,1 km

Maximum depth: is about 6,1 m

Cost of fishing: free

The lake is on the border of Verkhniadzvinsk and Rasony districts, the border with the Russian Federation is along its Northern part. The area of the lake Lisna is of 1602 hectares. Its Southern and Western banks are distinguished by a considerable height (up to 30 m), here and there they form real cliffs.

Upon a mountain near the village of Zaluzh’e a tourist staging post is equipped, with an amazing lake view, the village of Lisna and the river Svolna. This point entered the route specially developed for the clients of the Krasny Bor Resort and it was named “Theater of Sunrise”. The South-Western side, on the contrary, is a waterlogged lowland, overgrown with bushes.

One of the local places of interest is the island of Liasnianski, separated from the ”mainland” only by a narrow bayou. Real tousles of candle and other near-water vegetation stretches across the bank.

The river Svolna takes a course through the lake Lisna, the channel Dzehtsiarouka connects this reservoir with the lake Asveyskaye. Thanks to this, the water in the lake is characterized by cleanness and purity (long-fingered crawfish lives here).

It is also a real paradise for fishermen. Here you can catch redeye, bleak, bream, ench, perch, roach, silver bream, pickerel, pike perch, common carp, nerfling, crucian carp and golden carp. Real followers of fishing could not withstand the possibility to pick up with the hook a big fresh-water catfish, asp or burbot. European eel also lives in this reservoir.

For the birdwatchers, the lake Lisna will be interesting as an inhabitation of common goldeneye, aquatic warbler and great white heron.

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