The lake Asveyskaye is known as the second largest lake in Belarus. Its area is of 4 795 hectares, and its maximum depth is of 7, 5 m. The reservoir is in the territory of Verkhniadvinsk district, the border with the Pskov region (Russia) runs in 4 km to the North. The township Asveya is on the South bank of the lake, in this township an ancient landscape park is preserved, as well as picturesque ruins of a country estate, previously belonging to the Gilsen family.

The lake Asveyskaye is the core of the similarly-named partial reserve that was created to preserve the unique natural complexes characteristic for Belarusian Pavozer’e. The high concentration of water- wading birds (especially during seasonal migrations) became the reason of giving the status of Ramsar site to this place. The island with the area of 4.85 km2 is also unique. Previously, there was a village here. This is the largest lake island in Belarus and one of the largest lake islands in Europe.

The lake is famous for its rich fish stocks, and its banks are popular as a place for outdoor recreation.

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