Length is about 7,8 km

Duration is about 4 hours

the Krasny Bor Resort – boulder train between the lakes Dzemja and Belaye-Dabraplessy – the eagle’s bank – the lake Bredna – the dragonflies’ backwater – the lake Vshyvets – the cemetery of the village of Dabrapliosy – Aleksandr Nevsky Church – the tourist complex Krasny Bor Resort.

The route passes through a mixed forest with 4 lakes view, along a forest road cleared of windbreak and wood blockages. The relief is moderately intersected. The level difference is up to 40 meters. 


The journey starts from the Krasny Bor Resort.  Turning off the asphalt, we immediately go to the boulder train, overcoming the rapid scent.  Further the road, weaving among trees and hills, goes along the very top of the boulder train, leading us to picturesque observation places, green glades, moors, hills, lakes. 

On the way there will be benches, where you can calmly rest, contemplating the surrounding nature and listening to the babblement of birds. 




Further along the boulder train there is a picturesque 2 lakes view: on the left the lake Dzemia, and on the right the lake Belaye-Dabrapliosy.


The lake Dzemja is small. It is only 1 km in length and 500 m in width. Their banks are heavily waterlogged and the access to water is hardly possible.

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The lake Belaye-Dabrapliosy has a binomial name. The number of white lakes in Belarus amounts to 42, only in Rasony district, there are 3. The bottom is sandy, and at a depth of over 2 meters it is covered with bottom ooze. The lake is standing. And water is characterized by extraordinary transparency. 

These lakes, as well as relief and surface deposits, were formed during the activity of the last Paziorsk (Valdai) glaciation at the onset of the glacier, and then during its deglaciation. 


2,5 km way we arrive at the bank of the lake Bredna. Here we will make a halt in well-appointed staging posts. You can cook dinner at the bonfire site. If rain occurs, the summerhouses are built there. Weather permitting it is pleasant to sit on benches afloat. And swim in the lake.




One kilometer more and there is the next lake Vshyvets. It is characterized by lake swamp plains, banks of difficult access. Further following the route an unusual cemetery of the village of Dabrapliosy attracts attention. It was restored and reconstructed by the hunting estate Krasny Bor Resort. On the site of old graves of the Great Patriotic War, new tombstones of black marble appeared. Chapel and summer house are also built. 

Then we will visit the village of Dabrapliosy, especially beautiful in spring, when white lilac blossom, Aleksandr Nevsky new church and we come back to the tourist complex.



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