• It turns out that you can learn so much interesting information about domestic animals, and for this it is unnecessary to buy a house in the village and settle down. It is enough to come to Krasny Bor Resort. The complex has its own farm enterprise. It includes a stable with stud-horses, special housing accommodations for keeping cows, sheep (Alpine mountain sheep, fat-rumped sheep and even Swiss black brown sheep) and barn-door fowls. And the goats live in equipping pinfolds; by the way the question is about exotic for these places hybrid goats (wild ox-goats) and Boer goats that got comfortable with our climate.     

    The guide will accompany you through the whole farm entity, he will tell you interesting facts about the life of the inhabitants of the farm and he will acquaint you with their habits, goings-on, food preferences. You could feed the animals yourself and you will learn how to take care of them. Products for animal feeding can be obtained on site.

    Those who wish can have a horseriding or ride in a carriage. Our instructor – master of show-jumping – will teach you the basic skills of driving these animals and he will also help you to be on firm ground in the saddle.


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