• Carnivorous animals of Krasny Bor Hunting Estate are classified as secondary hunting species, which are often mined in passing, during gnawing animals or hares hunting.

    However, wolf is a desired object for most hunters, including our guests from abroad, and the wolf trophies are highly appreciated.  

    The wolf hunting within Krasny Bor Hunting Estate is possible and it will succeed, but only in the case, if our guest notifies in advance the desire to try his hand in such hunting.

    Foxes and raccoon dogs are also quite numerous within our entities, but they are mainly mined in passing. According to the Rules of Hunting in the Republic of Belarus, shooting of wolves, foxes and raccoon dogs can be carried out with any legal stay of the hunter within our entities.

    Fur game hunting for the family of martens is a part. Due to reduction of prices of fur such hunting practically lost any meaning.

    It is also worth mentioning lynx. These secretive and cautious representatives of the cat family are numerous within Krasny Bor Hunting Estate, but in those rare cases, when they come in sight in front of a human, it is possible only to take pictures. European lynx is under protection of the law and it is included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus.


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