Trophy hunting is the hunting with the purpose of trophy obtention.

Obtention of trophy beast should be recorded at the shooting site. Then they make a trophy preparation. Further, the hunter can measure the trophy and register it in a special book. There are several systems for trophies’ measuring and estimating.

In every country certain certified specialists give the right to measure and record the trophies.

The main and only trophy of all animals of the deer family such as: elk, red deer, fallow deer and roe deer are horns or, less often, prepared head of the beast. Horns are evaluated by many characteristics, the main of them are mass, symmetry and number of tines.

The beats belonging to the tubicorn family have the same trophy. In Krasny Bor Hunting Estate you can hunter only one specie – European moufflon. Unlike deer horns, moufflons’ horns grow all their lives. That is why it is logical to assume the older is the ram, the bigger are its horns.

If we talk about predatory animals – such as wolf and fox, then their main trophy is not a fell, but a prepared and bleached skull.

Trophies of birds – blackcock and heather cock – it’s a stuffed bird in a mating call posture or only a tail (completely spread) with the head.

The best thing is to entrust the trophies’ fabrication to professionals. We deal with the best specialists.


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