• Yuliya Hahanava

    Very gorgeous place in Belarus: Krasny Bor Resort.


    I just love it when everything in and around is designed in the same style.

    It is also wonderful that all the houses and facilities are kind of built into nature and coexist together.

    And look at those fantastic lake views!



    Without a doubt, this place is my favourite countryside complex now.

    What to do in Krasny Bor Resort?
    - Visit a local farm and treat its cute inhabitants to apples/carrots.
    - Try horseback riding.
    - Take a jeep safari into the wild.
    - Ride a bike to observe the neighborhood.
    - Rent a catamaran or a boat to spend some time on the lake Beloye.
    - Visit a fitness room with amazing lake views.
    - Relax in a Finnish sauna.
    - Enjoy a billiard room/tennis court/basketball ground.



  • Dmitry Kokh

    Krasny Bor in Belarus is an absolutely unique place – they even got flying deers over there!

  • Tatiana Alyoshka

    In the north of Belarus there is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries - Krasny Bor, an amazingly beautiful place that amazes not only with its landscapes, but also with the number of animals that can be found here in the wild, even just passing on the road in the woods or on the outskirts of the village. Tall, slender pine trees with colorful mosses and heather at the foot, endless hills and hollows (this is how a glacier once passed here), many lakes and rivers, swampy lowlands, thickets of roses, rose hips, willow-tree or huge nettles, on which morning dew shines a thin transparent blanket.


    And when, in the midst of all this beauty, you see deer crossing the road, you think, "That's lucky!" But then it turns out that you've just entered the other world, and these are just the first signs of his presence. In the morning or evening, on the lawns and fields you can always see animals that come out to feed on the grass in summer. Deer, fallow deer, elk and even bison. How lucky... Anyway, it is unforgettable to see not one or two, but a whole herd of deer. At first they shy away, looking at you with curiosity, then they are removed from the place like a flock of birds with careless movement. And the little teenage deer bounce their legs funny, keeping up with their moms. But doe males with large flat, velvety horn shovels are not so shy. At sunset they slowly and lazily move away from observers a little bit, or even do not move from a place, warming up in the rays of the setting sun.


    Here you can constantly hear the sounds of nature: the voices of birds, the screams of deer, some creaks, rustles and other sounds that the city dweller has a hard time recognizing. It is the forest world that lives its own life, allowing you to be near, to be a participant in the life of nature.


    And here among this natural diversity is a comfortable island of the Krasny Bor Resort. On the shore of Lake Beloe, among pine forests there is a place where you can spend an unforgettable holiday. The level of comfort and service is one of the best in our country. Landscape design in general is beyond competition. Separate cozy houses, where everything is thought out and beautiful, a restaurant with author's cuisine, which will long be remembered. And the opportunity to choose for yourself and your children classes for a boring pastime is very diverse: Bicycle riding, hiking along the routes and without, swimming in the lake, riding on catamarans, kayaking tours, jeep safari and excursions with specialists, picking berries and mushrooms, fishing, tennis, football, cinema, gym, farm with pets nearby, excursion to one of the most modern equipped apiaries, sports club (target shooting), observation of wild animals in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, bathhouse, sauna, kebabs in the lake arbours and I probably forgot to mention something else.


    The complex positions itself as a place for a quiet family holiday and there is indeed never boredom, because everyone chooses what they need and are interested in.

    We could not stay at the hotel, despite all its attractiveness and comfort. Every morning and evening we would get in the car and drive around. And every time our slowness and curiosity was rewarded by meetings with animals: hare, fox, deer, deer. Passing through a small village in the evening, we noticed several deer near the outer house near the old apple trees. They came to eat some more immature fruit. Rising on their hind legs and stretching their necks, they ripped the apples off the branches and then, moving their jaws funnily, chewed them slowly. And we sat in the car, opening all the windows, and watched this fabulous scene, afraid that this painting is about to disappear, melting in the summer evening dusk.


    There are also observation towers and shelter houses built on the territory of the reserve, from which animals can be photographed. If you are lucky, you can also observe rare birds - golden eagle and white-tailed eagle.

    For those who want to see everything at once without spending hours waiting, there is a jeep safari with local specialists. Driving along the Red Bor in a specially equipped jeep, you can get almost the same emotions as in the national parks of Africa. The animals gradually get used to the technique and are not as afraid of it as they are of humans. If hunting were forbidden here, perhaps, with time, it would really be a full-fledged national park.


    We have already been on a Belarusian safari once, so now, in no hurry, we have been studying the neighborhood ourselves, sometimes meeting animals and birds, noticing everything that can be seen with indifferent eyes. There is such a term "observation and spectator tourism", and it is perhaps one of the best pastimes available to modern man. And positive emotions, and adrenaline, and meditation - there are different stages and ways, depending on the circumstances and your character.

    This year our opportunities to travel around the world are limited by circumstances beyond our control, but traveling in our native country, we have no less chances to make discoveries, experience delight, surprise and happiness. Provided that we are ready for it, that we are open to new experiences, that we can give in to the adventures we face, that we have no doubt about the ability of the surrounding reality to be amazing and magical. And it does not matter whether it will be a new city or a new corner of nature for us, the main thing - to catch a wave, to get into the resonance, trusting the surrounding space.

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