• Heiko Hornung

    It was amazing, the highest level of European Championship we ever had in this 21 years.

    It was the greatest championship we ever had.

    And in this place, the hospitality from Krasny Bor, the people here, the location, also the surrounding are incredible and the weather is holding.

    And it is quite hard to say what I'm feeling now in this moment, when I see and sort of the champions cry and I think I kind of can really talk for all of the participants that they are very thankful for Belarus, the society of hunters and fishers BOOR and for Krasny Bor, that they organized this wonderful championship here, in Krasny Bor!

    Heiko Hornung, editor-in-chief of Magazine Wild und Hund

  • Teams from thirteen countries have already entered the 2019 European Championship in Deer Luring.

    The championship is held on 24-25 May. It is being organised by the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen and Interservice Ltd from Navapolack.

    ‘The contestants compete in a number of events,’ says Chairman of the the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Yury Shumski. ‘For example, they imitate the voice of a young deer, a mature stag, a dominant stag in charge of his herd or even two stags challenging each other to fight. It is allowed to use any implements except for electronic calls.’

    The championship is timed to coincide with a Hunting Festival, in which hunters are going to find out in competition who is the fastest, the most enduring and the best sharpshooter. The organisers have a lot of pleasant surprises in stock for the spectators.

    It will be fun!

  • The 2018 best trophy hunters in Belarus have received their awards.


    Krasny Bor hunting estate was the most popular with the winners. It was acknowledged as No.1 hunting estate in seven categories. On top of that, Evelyn Margit, one of Krasny Bor clients, was awarded a prize for the best European elk trophy.


    ‘We have classified and measured about 500 trophies,’ – says Dzmitry Bohush, who organised the contest and initiated The Trophy Book of Belarus. – ‘Today Krasny Bor hunting estate holds the top position and is very hard to compete with. According to hunters, it is one of the world’s best facilities of its kind, to say nothing of the impeccable services and accommodation. It is perfect in terms of trophy hunting. I think Krasny Bor has studied all European best practices and implemented them in Belarus.’

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