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The best rest is in the Belarusian forests among pristine nature!

Summer is a time of deserved relaxation, accumulation of impressions, emotions and forces for a long winter. We suggest to spend it brightly and with benefit in the tourist complex "Krasny Bor".


Reasons to choose a vacation in Krasny Bor:

Beautiful ecology

Within the radius of eighty kilometers from the "Krasny Bor" there is no production, beautiful pine forests are spread over almost the entire area of the hunting farm "Krasny Bor", where the tourist complex of the same name is located (the tourist complex is located on an area of 4 hectares, and the hunting farm takes about 130 thousand hectares).



The buildings are based on ecological materials: natural stone and wood, furniture is made of solid oak. The complex uses such modern technologies as solar panels and geothermal heating. Ergonomic mattresses, wide beds, light blankets and bed linen made of natural fibers contribute to a good rest and good sleep!

And to relax, relieve stress and cleanse the body of toxins is also possible in the sauna (session included) or bath in black.

You can quench your thirst and complete the process of purification of the body started in the bath with the help of unique tea collections "Vivacity", "Harmony", "Comfort", which will bring you to the sauna from the bar.

A unique chance for privacy and communication with nature

A safari in Krasnoborskaya Pushcha is quite comparable to an African one in terms of its effect.

Driving through rough terrain will cheer you up, and watching the animals will set you in a peaceful way. In the wild, you'll get an invaluable opportunity to watch graceful roe deer and deer, shy elks, big-hearted deer and powerful bison from the jeep.

By the way, according to the latest calculations, about 190 bison, 680 moose, 1370 red deer, 770 roe deer, 600 fallow deer, 990 beavers, 130 otters, 10 lynxes and 2 wolves live in Krasnoborsk lands.


Successful fishing will also contribute to increased adrenaline production and clearly increase your self-esteem!

Optimal stress for the body, maximum care for the shower

Let's start with the fact that behind each house there are bikes, the rent of which is included in the price for guests. And forest routes are full of curious moments, and every new day is completely different from the previous one. We offer hiking and biking tours around the complex, through a fragrant pine forest.

We also invite you to take a swim in the lake Beloe-Dobroplesy, exercise on modern equipment in the gym, basketball court or tennis court.

And if there is a cheerful company of adrenalin lovers, it is possible to organize friendly competitions for her.

Fans of outdoor activities are invited to fascinating water adventures. Take your word for it: rafting on lakes and rivers of Krasnoborskaya Pushcha gives a lot of impressions! And even better - check it out for yourself!


There are amazing sacral places around. It's easy to reach the sky...

We have several areas for meditation, both on the lake shore and on the hills, with which Krasnoborsk land is so rich. One can contemplate the starry sky and the water surface.

Next to the complex - the temple, consecrated in honor of Alexander Nevsky. In the village of Izubritsa, where part of the complex is located, there is a chapel in honor of Peter and Paul, and on the territory of the complex in Dobroplesy there is its own holy mountain, on which an Orthodox chapel in honor of St. Nicholas the Blessed.


You can plunge into the holy spring of Silver, you can go to the five-century oak, which is believed to open the portal to Eternity.

It's all unforgettable!

Author's cuisine

The author's cuisine of the complex "Krasny Bor" is based on ecologically clean products from its own auxiliary and hunting farms: vegetables, fruits, honey, mushrooms, dairy and meat products.

Our chef Evgeny Khaletsky masterfully mastered the secret of how to make game meat extraordinarily tender and delicious!

Game is served baked, stewed at low temperature, grilled, it is cooked the most delicate pâtés, rouge cutlets, juicy sausages, the finest carpaccio, as well as boiled and fragrant soups. And with local hogs and chanterelles. We strongly recommend you to try the gifts of our forests!


From the early morning breakfast delights with a chic choice: the freshest cottage cheese, dairy products, cheesecakes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, various vegetables, fruits, juices, grated berries, honey!

Baking, cakes, fruits will please your children and sweet tooth!

Yes, for the sake of the kitchen alone, you can already recommend "Krasny Bor"!

A vacation that brings the family together!

How long have you talked with your family, paid attention to your loved ones? It's time to put your smartphones aside and run with the kids in a race, arrange a family swim, come up with a common fun activity, for example, go on a forest trip or a water adventure on a kayak.

For your kids, this holiday will be a fun event full of extraordinary discoveries.

And for our young guests there is also a development area with swings and slides, a children's room and a children's menu. This will allow them to feel like real VIP-clients. After all, everyone, from small to large, note our highest level of comfort and impeccable quality of service.

The cozy cinema will cordially invite you to a family movie screening, which can then be discussed together.

And in the evening you can admire the sunset, listen to birds singing or light music in the restaurant. And your trip will easily turn into an unforgettable family holiday!


If you want to be aware of the news of the Tourist Complex, interesting promotions, exciting excursions.

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