Traditionally, three representatives of the order of chickens refer to upland game - heather cock, blackcock and common hazelhen, as well as one sandpiper – common woodcock. You can read more about each species of these birds below.



Heather cock is rightly considered a king among game birds. This bird since olden times lived in the territory of European taiga. The hunting estate Krasny Bor Hunting Estate is a kind of wildlife reserve, where a very significant quantity of heather cocks – about 400 birds – is preserved. Many hunters dream to visit wood grouse courts and to make this dream true for everyone, and not only for choosing persons, the senior managers of Krasny Bor Hunting Estate stopped the heather cock hunting within our entities for the moment. However, this does not make difficulties for anyone to visit wood grouse courts and get close to the cock performing a mating ritual at the distance of the shot but with the camera. Heather cocks mating call start with the beginning of losing snow cover and continues until the middle of May.



The most famous representative of upland game is quite widely represented in our entities. According to recent accounts, the number of these birds in Krasny Bor Hunting Estate comes up to 470 bird units.

The blackcock males’ hunting is allowed in wood grouse courts from March 20th to May 10th. The wood grouse courts in our estate are characterized by not a very large density of birds, but it is possible to hunter the cocks or to take pictures of the birds using your camera. 



In our forests you can hunt well autumn common woodcock in so called rock fragments scattered around on the surface, showing the presence of bedrock from the second Saturday of August and up to the birds’ migration. Such hunting is possible in general with a pointing dog. If you have a well-trained dog, so in this case the hunting can be very adventurous and profitable.

Everyone knows the spring hunting during mating call, the season opens on the first Saturday of April and lasts up to the first Sunday of May. 



The livestock population of common hazelhens within the entities of Krasny Bor Hunting Estate is quite numerous, this bird refers to off the ration species, it means, if you want to hunter the “forest cock”, so you just need only one game certificate.

In our estate you can also successfully hunt the common hazelhens using the Duck call. This is a very interesting hunting, venturesome and contemplative.


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