Ducks, geese, as well as some representatives of Ciconiiformes and meadow chickens – these birds are referred to waterfowl by a specific hunting systematics.

Due to abundance of wetlands, it is possible to hunt various ducks and shoot coots within our estate. The waterfowl hunting opens in spring in our estate. 


In spring, you can perfectly hunt geese. Moreover, there is all necessary equipment as well as trained huntsmen in our estate so that our guests can hunt geese not only for feeding water - as done everywhere, but also afloat.

Summer-autumn period of the waterfowl hunting provides for the duck hunting and other wetland birds in the mode of free search, from the boat, staying in a deer blind and during evening flights.


The hunting objects are the following: mallard, two species of garganey, diving ducks and other semi-aquatic and water birds. We should accentuate, it is possible to hunt two species of ducks within our entities, which have only recently been included in the list of the hunting fauna of the Republic of Belarus - widgeon and common goldeneye.


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